Innovative labor measurement 


Amnicam is advancing labor monitoring into the digital age through the use of 3D imaging which improves accuracy, patient outcomes and the overall delivery experience. 

Why Amnicam? 

Amnicam is an innovative healthcare device that increases patient comfort and aids decisions made by healthcare providers.  Patients should ensure their providers and hospitals are providing them with the most comfortable, accurate delivery experience possible.   

Designed for Your Maximum Comfort and Privacy   


AMNICAM decreases the need for the frequent provider manual exams and maximizes the patient's privacy.  Our profile is 50% smaller than the common hand exam which yields improved comfort from out-patient examinations through the delivery experience. 


Easy, accurate dilation measurement. 


AMNICAM can serve as the expert when the OB is not available by providing nurses, residents and non-OB MDs with the same accuracy.  Our device automatically reports and logs dilation onto your digital tablet.


Objective decisions and best patient engagement

AMNICAM provides data and continuity between different provider’s measurements.  Data driven results can be used by providers to ensure patients of treatment decisions.  We improve patient engagement by aiding providers' decisions with objective, visual data.   


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